HYD: Dudhsagar Trek with Colva Beach of Goa
HYD: Dudhsagar Trek with Colva Beach of Goa
Education Published : Aug-24 2019
Date : Aug-24 2019 13:00 PM To Aug-24 2019 13:00 PM
Location : Hyderabad
Address : JILT - 2nd Floor, Ansar Complex, Mehdipatnam,
Organizer : jamalla karteek
Organizer Mobile : 8500441634
Organizer Email : jamallakarteek@gmail.com

Hello Hyderabad!

The Sea of Milk as they call it, Dudhsagar, is a trek to savor. The waterfall located in the middle of majestic Western Ghats is surrounded by lush greenery. Dudhsagar is the fourth largest waterfall in India at a height of more than 1000 feet.

The trek starts at Kulem railway station, adjacent to the railway track and through the forest sometimes. The 11 kms trek to Dudhsagar falls takes 3 hours to finish usually. The muddy trails, sticky paths, dense forest, tunnels, streams to cross - we have it all during this amazing trek.

There is a natural pool at the bottom of the falls where we are allowed to take a dip with life jackets. But the force is so high during the monsoons (July to September) that we just have to witness this magnificent waterfalls from its base. It's so huge that we can get to see the moving Train passing on a railway bridge right in the middle of Waterfalls. The train almost looks like a toy ;-)

Dudhsagar is a place where one can truly experience nature in all its glory.

A relaxing train journey back home is what you exactly need to cherish the unforgettable image of Dudhsagar on your mind.

Join us and #getmuddie in the Sea of Milk, Dudhsagar!